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One evening in the Autumn of 2007 two young men sat together after completing a long day at work to enjoy a delightful gin and tonic. One glass led to another and their thoughts became more creative and daring, and ideas started to develop….

At a time when the subject of gin was still in a deep sleep, they courageously set about putting an end to this culinary wasteland. For in their eager search for the gin of life, no real satisfaction could be found. Had it not been for their inspiration that night – thanks to their highly spiritual GIN inspiration – they would still be restlessly searching up and down the country for the blessed drink.

And thus, the idea was born! The home for this noble mission was to be a tranquil backyard and cellar in the heart of Munich, in which a custom-made copper still with the proud name “Carl” bubbles tirelessly day in and day out. The men took a year of development in order to finally bring connoisseurs a new epicurean delight in the autumn of 2008, the “THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin”. And that is how THE DUKE Distillery was founded. Contented and a little bit proud, we can thus call ourselves pioneer of German gin.

Passion and dedication were the basic ingredients that led the two founders Max & Daniel to the beloved juniper distillate. At first, they were only dedicated consumers, but their passion for distilling was soon to come. The distillery has been producing Gin and Vodka by hand since 2008. With its powerful and unique taste, THE DUKE Gin is now considered a culinary treat far beyond the borders of Bavaria.

Today, 13 years later, the Duke of all Gins resides in a suburb of Munich, more precisely in an idyllic former potato distillery in Aschheim. The small copper still “Carl” is now actively supported by a new much larger still – also handmade out of copper. Not only has the production changed a lot, but also the team of THE DUKE distillery has grown to about 25 people.

Even though THE DUKE has relocated from the Maxvorstadt in the center of Munich to Aschheim a suburb of Munich they have definitely not forgotten the noblest virtues of the DUKE: the combination of old traditional craftsmanship and a lot of dedication is what is used to produce the finest distillates. This can be tasted in every sip.

With THE DUKEs new residence, the founders have fulfilled their dream of a “glass distillery”. Gin-fans as well as curious people are invited to visit the former potato distillery which is now the new residence of THE DUKE distillery. They are welcome to experience guided tours, to enjoy tastings and to be seduced by a drink or two.