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The Garnish Lounge Claimed

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Welcome to The Garnish Lounge

All of our dehydrated fruits are all NATURAL, no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours. All fruits have been dried for 12-20 hours, we dry our fruits extremely slowly so the flavour becomes very intense.

Our garnishes are made to enhance the scent, flavour, and look of your drink. My biggest feedback is as soon as my garnish bags are open you are hit with a beautiful fruity aroma.

The reason why my garnishes are great is because they have a 3-6 month shelf life! There will be no more throwing away that half unused, unloved lime at the back of your fridge!

Our drink garnishes are not only great with gin, they can be added to cocktails, prosecco, water, soft drinks the list goes on.

I offer a wide variety of garnishes and quantities to suit you. I can also provide bespoke garnishes and gifting options.

If you can’t find a garnish your looking for please message me I will be more than happy to help.

1 Review for The Garnish Lounge

Gin_nypig 5 Reviews
Lovely garnishes and great variety

I was lucky enough to be given a citrus garnish set from Steph at the Garnish Lounge. It included 4 big chunks of dried grapefruit, 4 of dried blood orange, and some juniper berries. The first thing that hit me was the lovely smell when I first opened packet. The next thing i saw was just how generous the size of each piece was with really sizeable thick chunks of fruit included in the packet. When used in a g and t they are bursting with flavour and are the perfect addition to your favourite G and T combo. Be sure to check out her insta page too as she does other garnish sets, including gift sets which would make a great gift for the discerning gin lover. Definitely worth checking out.

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