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The gin is made in South Africa with the aim of raising money for the rhinoceros. Of all the bottles sold, the profit goes directly to protecting this beautiful animal.

Between 2011 and 2021, the rhino population shrank by 60%. If the rhino is not properly protected against poachers, there is a big chance that the next generation will not encounter a wild rhino. Protecting the rhino is therefore of great importance! A rhino and gin don’t have much in common, except for Shared Universe!

Shared Universe is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rhino. Golden Rhino Gin is made with the purpose of raising money for these beautiful animals and to protect them. They work together with Mapesu Private Game Reserve and Mopane Bush Lodge to create a place where research can be done to protect the rhino and where knowledge about the rhino can be spread among the local population.

Nowadays it costs about €45,000 a year to protect a rhino. This money is needed to fully protect a good habitat. In this habitat are people who have to protect the rhino 24/7, also research is done about the rhino and knowledge about the rhino is spread.
By buying the Golden Rhino Gin, all profits go to protecting these beautiful animals and we make sure that the next generations can also admire a rhino in the wild.