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The Gower Gin Company

4.9/5 3 Reviews Add Review

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3 Reviews for The Gower Gin Company

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Romantic Rhamanta!

I Absolutely adore this delicious Glam bottle of Rhamanta Gin from The Gower Gin Company who are based in South Wales and along with Rhamanta Gin also have such an incredibly tasty range of Gins to offer. The bottle itself is extremely sturdy and the red, white and gold label really is easy on the eye and most intriguing. This Gin is so incredible in taste, a classic juniper forward London dry Gin which is made with juniper, rose and pomegranate botanicals. Which is at its best served chilled in a Copa gin glass, neat or with your favourite Tonic Water or lemonade, if you like your Gin a little sweeter. Rhamanta gin delivers a delicate floral nose, fruity after note and a hint of aromatic spice on the finish. I did a little bit of research into this Gin and found out that not only is ‘rhamanta’ the old Welsh custom of divining who will be your partner for life, the Welsh term also hints at an instruction, ‘be romantic.’ How fabulously romantic is that? This gin certainly delivers a message of romance and love and will always be an extremely popular Gin choice in your Gin Cabinet. At 43% ABV and priced around £38 for a 70cl bottle this gin will certainly bring out your inner romance and introduce you to a fantastic serve.

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Poshginbirds 3 Reviews
GWYR Rhosili and Nerth Y Ddraig

The GŴYR Rhosili is beautiful in every way. From the beautiful bottle with its labelling featuring the one and only Dylan Thomas, to the fresh flavours of this signature edition London Dry, it truly is a stunning gin.

It was created as a homage to the young Dylan who loved the beach of Rhosili in Gower, and most certainly evokes a touch of the coast in a gin. It is fresh and zesty, whilst remaining equally smooth and citrusy with its local ingredients of foraged gorse, sea buckthorn and lime flower.

Sian and Andrew at the Gower Gin Company are two of the nicest, warm and welcoming people that you could ever have the pleasure to meet. They took the time to show us around their gorgeous home-based distillery, and to explain the process and method of their craft. The passion that they both have for what they do is truly inspiring, and we would highly recommend a visit to them in beautiful Gower.

Another thing that we love about the Gower Gin range, is that each product has its own story and links to welsh heritage and local ingredients. We cannot sing the praises of the Rhosili enough, it truly is beauty in a bottle!

Price Point: GŴYR Rhosili retails for around £40 a bottle, which we feel reflects the high quality of this gin. we recommend that everyone should have a bottle of this as part of their gin collection!

Our ideal serve: Fever-Tree Light tonic, slices of fresh lime and ice.

Nerth Y Ddraig

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Don’t be fooled by the calm teal and blue hues of the striking bottle, this is a 60% navy strength gin!

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Our first taste was the recommended serve, neat and over ice. Wow, this is smoking indeed!
On the palate are the familiar flavours of the gorgeous Gŵyr Rhosili, enhanced by the smoke of lapsang souchong tea.

The finish is beautifully smooth, with the cube pepper and grains of paradise leaving a comforting warmth at the back of the throat. Each sip brings you closer to becoming a Welsh fire breathing dragon as shown on the front of the bottle!

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Our second serve was in a gimlet cocktails, as suggested by Sian of the Gower Gin Company. The sweetness of the lime cordial contrasts beautifully with the depth and power of the gin. This is one of our favourite gin cocktails so far!

  • 50ml Nerth Y Ddraig
  • 50ml Roses Lime Cordial
  • Ice

Add plenty of ice to your shaker along with your ingredients. Shake well until blended. Strain and pour into a cocktail glass and enjoy!

Price Point:

Nerth Y Ddraig retails at approximately £45 a bottle, which is within the middle price range of other navy strength gins. This is however, one of the stronger navy strength gins, as it its abv is 60%, whereas most other navy strength gins are 57%. We feel that the price is fair and reflects the quality and smoothness of this gin.

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Glassofgin 22 Reviews
GWYR Rhamanta Gin

This Gin company is based in South Wales. They produced award-winning craft Gin. I was introduced to this company via the craft gin club and also meeting them at the Gin to my tonic show in Glasgow. I tried the rhamanta Gin. I was first taken back by the title as I hadn’t heard of it before. Turns out its the command for “be Romantic” Also for being romantic in ancient times it would mean that two people would place two grains of wheat on a shovel and hold it over a flame, the heat making the grain swell and naturally move. the idea was if the two grains popped off the shovel at the same time it meant you had a partner set for life.

Cute right?!

Even better that the company is made by a couple who feel in love and then feel in love with gin. so relevant. Who doesn’t like a good love story? Now the bottle Rhamanata presented in a simple rounded gin bottle with the famous GWYR stripes(red and white for Rhamanata gin ) costing £39 which I personally feel is a little steep for this craft gin. But who can put a price on Romance right? This Romantic juniper bursting, Rose and Pomegranate, London dry gin really gives a floral note on the first sip. Leaving an aromatic spice and fruity taste. If you like using dried rosebud then this a winner of a pair along with a wedge of lemon topped with a citrus-based tonic or pink lemonade. Just the colour then too for a love potion!

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