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The Little Quaker Distillery

4.8/5 1 Reviews Add Review

The Little Quaker Distillery is based in Darlington in the North East of England it embraces the history of the town and hopes to trade on its values. The distillery hand crafts all of its bottles of gin using local ingredients sourced from local retailers, each batch is made in small volumes to give every batch an individual feel.

The latest distilling equipment seamlessly combined with traditional stilling techniques going back centuries to ensure consistently excellent taste every time.

the distillery have 5 gins and 1 rum with more to follow. Their signature Quaker gin original is a multi gold medal winning gin and their quirky Ruby red has also won awards.

1 Review for The Little Quaker Distillery

Sunshine in a Glass

Quaker Gin came to me during 2021, and I was instantly interested to try their Sunshine Gin which called to me with it being a citrus gin. I have to say from the outset that this is my go to Summer gin, I absolutely love it, it’s is a favourite of mine and here’s why: From the moment you pop that cork you get the lovely scent of fresh summer citrus fruits, pineapple, Mango, Orange & Passionfruit. It’s just fresh and happy and when you sip it it feels like you’re on a sandy beach drinking a yummy cocktail without a care in the world. You do not lose the juniper, it’s definitely there front and centre but the other flavours lift it. It’s rare that drinks take you on a journey but for me this does. I just love it, sitting in the garden sipping it with my eyes closed and I could be on that beach. Quaker do a number of different Gins and a Rum, I will be buying more from this brand. They have recently changed their labels, which I’m glad about as the one on this bottle doesn’t do this classy gin justice.

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