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The Marlow Distillery Ltd

The Marlow Distillery, home to Marlow Gin

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After spending most of our adult lives working in technology, we had an urge to do something different, creative and exciting. Make our very own London Dry Gin – inspired by the river side town of Marlow. After many months of researching and experimenting, with evenings spent tasting and refining, we created our first gin – launched in September 2019.

It has been such a departure from our regular day jobs – learning about everything that needs to go into a small business, and making and selling gin.

With less than 12 months under our belt, our Signature Marlow Gin was awarded a Silver medal by the International Wines and Spirits Competition – an immensely proud moment for us.

Our Signature Gin recognises some of the history of Marlow’s brewing heritage, and uses the same hops used by the local brewery. A very citrus based gin, it can be sipped neat over ice, or mixed to create some great cocktails – including a favourite which is a French Gimlet. At 43% ABV, we have managed to create balance between strength and flavour.

In 2020 we launched our second Gin, called no.16. We deliberately created a different flavour, and strength. Using 10 botanicals, we have created a lovely warming gin, suitable for long summer drinks, or warming flavours in the winter months by the fire. Blending Grains of Paradise, Almonds and Ginger Root – we have also included a subtle citrus note through use of Bitter Orange Peel. At 48%, we have used our ability as a Micro Distillery to increase play with flavours and strength.

We are now also producing some flavoured gins – made using our Signature and No.16 gins. Check out our website to see what we have in stock.

Marlow Gin Online Store

2 Reviews for The Marlow Distillery Ltd

A smooth, classic “Ginny Gin “ with a fresh crisp finish, at 48% it packs a punch!

M A R L O W N O. 16 R e v I e w The Sip Before you start I recommend a smell – it really opens up the senses and you know you’ve got a treat to come from a complex mix botanicals. It contains 10 botanicals in totally, Juniper leads for me, but can definitely taste the citrus and orange. It’s very very smooth, which is from the almonds almost creamy. It went down dangerously quickly for a 48% gin. The Serve I wouldn’t recommend just on ice, but do pour it over ice first, before the tonic, as brings out the flavour. I added a med tonic, tried that first really smooth, then added the suggested orange ( from my Fruitanicals jar of course) and that really brought out all the citrus. Marlow, also suggest that you try it with Ginger Ale. A little about the makers Marlow Distillery was founded by two friends, and for them the key principles are local and personal, each batch is handcrafted using traditional techniques and they fill and label each and every bottle by hand and with care.

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The Gin Bandits 1 Reviews
No 16 is a wonderful Gin

Today we are featuring a fantastic gin from The Marlow Distillery – @marlow_gin The distilleries second offering is a gin we rate very highly. Marlow No. 16 is a beautiful spiced style of gin which is bursting with lots of complex flavours. Distilled with 10 botanicals that include ginger, bitter orange, almond, grains of paradise and cubeb with a bottling strength of 48% ABV, this is one gin you should consider having on your shelves On the nose juniper is big and bold with an aroma which reminds us of ginger nut biscuits. The initial flavours come from bright citrus notes with an initial sweetness. This is quickly dominated by a fiery heat of pepper and ginger which leaves a nice tingle at the back of the throat. The finish is warm and fresh with prominent pine notes of green juniper For our G&T serve we paired this with a plain tonic garnished with an orange wheel. The tonic softens the heat and enhances the ginger. To give this gin a summer vibe, we also recommend garnishing with some fresh lavender and sliced strawberries Marlow Gin, we toast this G&T to you🍸

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