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The Orkney Distillery

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Kirkjuvagr means “Church Bay” in Old Norse. Back when Orkney was emerging as a seat of power in the Viking Empire, the Norsemen would sail their longships into Kirkjuvagr, which over the centuries grew into our islands’ capital, Kirkwall.

In name, Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin reflects the rich history of our islands and the boldness of those ancient seafarers. In character though, it’s utterly contemporary and has been crafted with the modern, discerning gin enthusiast in mind.

It is, quite simply, unmistakably Orcadian.

When creating Kirkjuvagr, on the shores of Kirkwall Bay, we thought it fitting to seek out a connection to our Viking ancestors that ran deeper than just our name.

We then discovered a local legend that spoke of a variety of Angelica brought to the islands by Norsemen centuries ago, which can still be found growing wild today.

Naturally, this very Angelica is now one of our defining ingredients, complementing a distinctive blend of local botanicals, including Ramanas Rose, Burnet Rose and Borage. Uniquely, we’ve also used traditional Orkney bere barley in our recipe.

1 Review for The Orkney Distillery

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Rhubarb Old Tom from Orkney Gin Distillery

Zesty, Zingy and Floral! This full strength hand crafted Rhubarb Old Tom most certainly packs the ultimate punch of Rhubarb flavour with yummy complimentary botanicals such as cinnamon, rose and orange! If you enjoy a Rhubarb Gin then this is definitely a Gin to add to your Collection Gin Lovers! I absolutely love how versatile this Rhubarb Old Tom is, it can be enjoyed with lemon tonic, Indian tonic, ginger ale, lemonade, or soda water or for a special touch, add Rhubarb Old Tom to your favourite fizz. As this Gin is a very fruity and zingy gin, it can be paired with almost anything and garnished with orange peel or berries! Wow! 🍹 Rhubarb Old Tom is bottled in a beautiful traditional stoneware bottle, inspired by the old-fashioned bottles which wash up on the Orkney Islands shores. Rhubarb Old Tom Gin’s exceptional flavour really speaks for itself! I am never without a bottle in my Collection! 🍹 bottled at 43% ABV Priced around £38 for a 70cl bottle Please Check out @orkneygincompany and give them some love by buying this delicious Gin!

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