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Thunderflower Distillery Claimed

4.7/5 2 Reviews Add Review

Thunderflower Gin

An old Devon legend says that the tiny white ‘thunder flowers’ that sometimes grow on the thatched cottage roofs and ancient Dartmoor landscape can ward off both lightning and witchcraft – both handy qualities for any gin we’re sure you’ll agree.

Thunderflower Gin is an award-winning, small-batch, contemporary craft gin made in the London Dry method with botanical flavours extracted by vapour infusion. Only Dartmoor spring water is added to the final spirit.

The result is a smooth gin with a bold, complex character that balances herbaceous notes with a warm aromatic spiced finish.

Our Process

Thunderflower is a true-craft gin, distilled and bottled by hand in very small batches at our nano-distillery in Devon.

London-Dry Method

There are several methods of making gin but the London Dry method is the most rigorous ensuring the best quality distillation and a purity of spirit with no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings.


Rather than steep and boil the botanicals we only use vapour infusion to extract flavour. Our botanicals are placed in a chamber that lies in the path of the alcohol vapour which gently permeates the herbs and spices preserving the delicate flavours and resulting in a smoother spirit.  We refresh the botanicals multiple times during the run to ensure consistent and fresh taste.

One-Shot Distillation

Almost all big brand gin is made as a concentrate and cut with ethanol to increase yield and save costs. Our ‘one-shot’ distillation run means that apart from water for dilution, the spirit isn’t altered beyond the vapour interacting with the botanicals. This is what you get in a bottle which produces the highest quality spirit.

Time to Rest

The spirit is left to rest for several weeks to allow the flavour molecules to relax, interact and mature.

Pure Dartmoor Spring Water

We use pure, natural spring water drawn at source from deep under Dartmoor to dilute the gin to a perfect 42% ABV before bottling.

Why we make Thunderflower Gin

A fine craft-gin has to be both unique and bold in quality and flavour.  We developed Thunderflower to be the contemporary London Dry Gin that we love to drink – unique enough to recognise it from the first sip with a distinctive and complex, full-bodied taste.

Thunderflower Gin is all those things to us and more. We make it because we love to drink it just as much as we love to share it. From every small batch that we lovingly craft we keep one bottle to enjoy ourselves and the rest we offer to you, our gin-lover friends. We hope you enjoy.


We have also released our new Navy Strength Gin, FireShip 58, which has just won a coveted MASTER award in the Global Gin Masters competition.

Inspiration for Fireship 58 came from the last invasion of England which took place near the distillery in Teignmouth in 1690 by the French fleet who had just won a naval victory at the Battle of Beachy Head.  Naval battles back then used Fire Ships, wooden ships packed with combustibles and gunpowder, set alight and steered whilst ablaze into the enemy fleet and we imagined the crew taking their last gin before launching their Fire Ship.


FireShip 58 is distilled in small batches in the London Dry method using vapour infusion to extract a complex, full-bodied flavour from 20 botanicals from around the world.


Only pure Dartmoor spring water is added to dilute the spirit to a punchy 58% ABV, which is the strength at which gunpowder will still burn, even if soaked in gin, and the test that was applied by the Royal Navy to test the quality of the gin ration being supplied to the ships, which is where the term ‘Navy strength’ comes from.

2 Reviews for Thunderflower Distillery

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Thunder only happens when it’s raining!

Thunder only happens when it’s raining! Now of course this is very true but when it comes to Thunderflower small batch Gin you won’t even notice the storm outside because this exquisite award winning bottle of Gin is so smooth and so deliciously tasty you will not even notice the storm and instead you will be sipping and indeed dreaming of drinking this beautiful floral Gin serve in the summer sunshine. I do love the colour purple so I Initially loved the beautiful purple colour and detail on the bottle which caught my eye when I saw the Gin listed on the Sip and Share Website, of which I am a member, however after tasting this Gin paired with a premium tonic water, lots of ice and a lime citrus garnish I was blown away by the incredible tasting Gin. This Gin is priced at around £38.00 for a 70cl bottle (42% Abv) so the gin is in the upper price range but I have to say this really is a quality Gin and the price is absolutely justified here.

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A Beautiful Bouquet with Peppery Surprise

I have admired the branding of Thunderflower Gin for some time so I bought a bottle using my Sip & Share membership when there was an offer on. This gin comes in the most beautiful eco-friendly and sustainable packaging and everything is done by hand, and has the personal touch. The gin whilst juniper forward is different to what I expected. Its peppery, yet foral, and herbal but very smooth. I served it with a light tonic and the flavour just sang. I completly understand why this gin has won so many awards, its such good quality , yet surprising as the flavours are not how you expect. It leaves you wanting more, and is just delicious. This gin is from Teignmouth, Devon and is very small batch. I’ve marked it as 4 star on pricing because it is a little pricey at £39.95 on Master of Malt as of 26/02/21, but to be honest the quality and awards means it deserves its price tag.

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