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​Warner Edwards Distillery

3.2/5 1 Reviews Add Review

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1 Review for ​Warner Edwards Distillery

Nessejay91 13 Reviews
Rhubarb gin, raspberry gin and elderflower gin

Starting with their rhubarb gin I have to say that it is not within my personal preference in style and taste. On the nose the sweet and citrus notes came across very clearly to me with minimal juniper. On the tongue the juniper seemed concealed entirely by this sweet rhubarb tang followed by a small peppery/smooth finish. I have to stress that this is probably an enjoyable tasting experience for many but given my personal preference from London dry styles it wasn’t for me. Similarly their raspberry gin was very sweet to me but a little bit more comprehensive in the taste profile versus the rhubarb, equally more fun to create cocktails with. Finally, their elderflower gin is the shinning light amongst the three that i’ve tried. As a big fan of using elderflower in cocktails it is nice to see a gin that embodies that characteristic, again it is sweeter than my exact preference but has a home within certain cocktail taste parameters.

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