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Waterhole Mixers

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1 Review for Waterhole Mixers

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
The Native Australian Mixers made from all-natural ingredients.

I love these mixers because they offer something different. All three Mixers- Signature Tonic, Native Citrus Tonic and the Native Botanical Tonic have unique tastes to compliment different gins. Signature Tonic- I paired this tonic with Manly Spirits Australian Dry Gin and lemon peel for a simple G&T and for something a little more complex, I made a cocktail with High Spirits Dry Gin, Licor 43, homemade lemon syrup and orange peel. This tonic has a lovely bitterness for a crisp G&T and in the cocktail, it really balanced out the sweetness of the other ingredients. Native Citrus Tonic- If you have 23rd Street Signature gin you must try a G&T with this tonic- it is a match made in heaven for the lime enthusiast. The finger lime and Lemon Myrtle highlight the lime in the gin and give this serve a zing. Very refreshing. I have also enjoyed this tonic with Old Macdonald Gin’s Wildflower Honey, Lime and Lemongrass and it created at G & T with hints of sweetness the flavours of both are very complimentary. Native Botanical Tonic- This tonic to me tastes the most ‘Australian’ and I think it takes a little work to find the right gins to pair due to the unique flavour but when you do, you are rewarded. In a cocktail I used- Cape Byron Mac Liqueur, Cape Byron Brookie’s Gin with a little sparkling mineral water and a touch of homemade Jalapeño syrup. Wattleseed is in both the Mac Liqueur and the tonic and mixed with the macadamia flavour it is delicious. The hint of heat from the syrup rounds out the flavours. This tonic also has Native Basil and Lemon Aspen in it so I made a lovely G&T with Brookie’s Gin and garnished with fresh lemon peel and some Native Basil from my garden. The company is a delight to deal with and very responsive. Packaging was thoughtful and the bottle and label design is visually appealing Bottles are 300ml (with a 150ml pour marker on the back of the label). Prices are set by venues.

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