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WATTSHOT combines a premium gin with carefully sourced botanical ingredients. Our secret herbal ingredient creates an electrifying sensation with your taste buds, followed by a warmth as it travels down from your mouth ….. the sensation keeps going minutes after you have drunk your shot.

You then find yourself  asking for another one!

WATTSHOT can also be enjoyed on the rocks, with tonic water or even added to sparkling … there are no limits!

Currently Wattshot is available on Urban Drinks and available to 25 countries! https://www.urban-drinks.com

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2 Reviews for WATTSHOT

Definitely worth a shot!

Wow this is the first gin I have tried as a shot (yes, I know hard to believe), and I have to say it is epic. Lovely and smooth and a delicious light cherry flavour that is not overpowering at all. The juniper is there front and centre with the cherry blossom at the back, but my what a fabulous gin. It’s not sweet in anyway in fact it’s ever so slightly herbaceous and it leaves you wanting another. It’s flavour is lovely on the tongue afterwards and not overpowering like other shots. I also have to pay homage to the amazing shot glass! This is so nice to handle and use and it’s a shape of glass I don’t have in my collection. I really think this is a lovey gin that you should have in your collection and seriously shot it, don’t mix it. I know you can but really it doesn’t need it. I can see this being gone very very quickly in our household! 😂 With Christmas coming this would also make a good Christmas present for any budding bartenders out there, or for those who love a good shot!

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Gingalore 27 Reviews
Wattshot Distilled Gin Shot

Born in Europe and distributed by Wattshot Holdings Limited, Malta, this Gin is absolutely something amazing. A delicious distilled Gin that is flavoured with Cherry and other natural flavours to give you what really is the most incredible tasting experience of a Gin Shot which will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Not only can this Gin be enjoyed as a Gin Shot neat from the fabulous bottle but it is perfect mixed with Tonic Water and served over lots of ice to give you the most delicious tasting Gin and Tonic that is so moreish! The Gin Shot Gin is presented in the most amazing, sturdy glass 70cl bottle with a fantastic W branding on the bottle and has an ABV of 37.5% it is priced at around £30 for a 70cl bottle and you can even get your very own Wattshot Shot glass which is so adorable and perfect for pouring those all incredible Gin shots – I loved this – give this Gin Shot a try you will love it too!

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