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Whitby Distillery

4.5/5 3 Reviews Add Review

Further information about Whitby Distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

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3 Reviews for Whitby Distillery

Beautiful Seaside Gin

I visited Whitby last year and purchased a bottle of the gorgeous Whitby Dry Gin in its new bottle just after the rebrand, and then I was lucky enough to get the Demeter Gin in the Craft Gin Box in October. I had lot of trouble finding the gin in Whitby becasue there is no store or distillery, but I know that they are now working on that. The Dry gin is lovely and smooth and has notes of honey and heather along with piney juniper and hints of citrus. The Demeter ginis fairly peppery but also fruity and also very delicious. You can rely on Whitby to provide good quality gin in beautifully branded bottles, and their glassware is also amazing.

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Gingalore 27 Reviews
The Demeter Edition – Spirit of the Night

I have always loved the beautiful coastal town of Whitby ever since visiting as a young girl. The history of the place however is deliciously dark, as it is on a little outpost on the Yorkshire Coast where, Count Dracula first set foot in England or so the story goes. So you can imagine my delight having the opportunity to taste my first Whitby Gin. The excitement alone just from holding this enchanting looking bottle with its defining purple label and swirls climbing up the neck of the bottle reflecting the waves in the sea and ammonite shaped bottom which represents the fossils on the Whitby coastline. Whitby Demeter Edition is distilled in Whitby UK exclusively for Craft Gin Club it has an ABV of 42% and is rich, heady and juniper forward, with a slight bite. Fragrant on the nose, led by heather tip, rose hip and elderflower. On the palate, sweet notes of plum and vanilla are followed by a kick of pepper dulse, with its powerful, coastal flavours that fade into a pleasantly spiced gin. Botanicals including juniper of course, plum, heather tip,pepper dulse, coriander, Angelica root, liquorice root, cassia Bark, orris root, lemon, orange, rose hip, hibiscus, cardamom, elderflower, pink pepper and vanilla. An absolutely delightful Gin and perfect served chilled with a floral aromatic tonic, such as, Merchant’s Heart Aromatic Tonic Water, lots of ice and garnished with oranges and black peppercorns. Priced at around £36 for a 70cl bottle this Gin really is a must try delicious Gin.

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Fab Old Tom

The Wild Old Tom Edition from Whitby Distillery was launched in May 2019, as as it was a beautifully sunny Bank Holiday weekend I decided to take a drive through to Whitby to pick up a bottle. This is an interesting variation on their award-winning recipe, using wild native botanicals to create a uniquely crafted gin with a sweeter finish.

The key ingredients were found locally to recreate a classic Victorian style gin with a taste of the wild. Vanilla, nutty notes come through from the handpicked gorse blending perfectly with the fruitiness of the gooseberry. A touch of honey is added which brings out sweet botanical notes. As the Old Tom style of gin becomes more and more popular you will often notice feline characters being incorporated in to the design. Cats and Old Tom Gin have been intertwined throughout its history. This is because it is believed that tom cat-shaped plaques were placed outside London gin houses during the 18th Century.

You’d put a coin in the cat’s mouth and the bartender would dispense a shot of gin from the cat’s paw. I chose their recommended serve of Fever-Tree lemon tonic water and garnished with fresh mint and a wedge of lemon

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