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We live in the Peak District, near Bakewell, and love to make our special sloe gin from berries picked near our house each winter. We wanted to share it with the world so set about realising our dream. It is now produced for us by an independent small-batch distillery who craft quality spirits and liqueurs from a beautiful farm location using hand beaten copper pot stills from Portugal. They don’t just buy in neutral spirit, they actually ferment the raw ingredients to create the initial base alcohol, then using only the freshest and finest ingredients they slowly and carefully create the unique flavours and textures of Wyvern Sloe Gin. 

The name Wyvern Gin is derived from the historic use of a red Wyvern as the family emblem. It can be traced back almost 1000 years and represents our dedication to recreating our unique family recipe. Handed down for generations, this liqueur is lovingly produced to exacting standards in small batches of only 50 litres.

Its not like other Sloe Gins. This is how we like it, a little sweeter but still with a bold, fruity flavour. Enjoyable on its own or mixed into a favourite cocktail..

2 Reviews for Wyvern Sloe Gin

A good Sloe Gin Liqueur

Sloe gins are almost always liqueurs and this one is 20% abv. The fact that it’s a liqueur tells you that it’s sweeter than a standard gin but this Sloe gin liqueur is different to most as it’s not overly sweet. This Sloe gin is rich and fruity and the owners of the company forage for all their ingredients which makes it extremely fresh. Most people think that Sloe Gin is only for winter and I was tasked with making summer cocktails with this liqueur and I made a few. It makes wonderful summer cocktails as it’s fruity and jammy but I actually like to drink it on its own over ice. It’s also amazing in hot toddy’s, or in a mulled wine too. Such a delicious liqueur and when it’s on its own you can taste the fruit better in my humble opinion, and I have a tradition that Sloe Gin is drunk on a Christmas Eve after everything is done and we’re waiting for the big man in the red hat to arrive 😊.

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Gingalore 27 Reviews
Indulgent Sloe Gin Liqueur

Oh Wow! Now I do love a Sloe Gin and so here I am sipping on this very delightful Sloe Gin which is absolutely Amazing! This Sloe tastes so rich when tasted neat and I really do think I am sipping on a luxurious and very indulgent Gin Liqueur here. This Sloe Gin Liqueur has been produced using the same simple family recipe for generations in the Peak District and the owners of Wyvern Gin have loved foraging, producing and drinking it for years. They describe the Gin as “Sweet, thick and fruity, a classic winter warmer on its own, mix into a favourite cocktail or add fruit, ice and tonic or lemonade for a summer thirst quencher”! So in my opinion this is a Gin you can Sip and enjoy all year round and why not indeed it is delicious!! So in my Glass shown here:- 60ml Sloe Gin 5ml freshly squeezed Lemon juice 100ml Elderflower Tonic Water Garnished with dehydrated orange wheels and Starlino Cherries Served over lots of ice Check out @wyverngin if you use the code wyvern2021 you can get 10% off when buying two or more bottles! 50cl priced at £28 Abv 20% Vol

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