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XEDEQUA is a 100% Italian Spirits Company born in Trieste, FVG – Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, which aims to promote and make appreciate the beauties and specialities of FVG Region. XEDEQUA mainly offers innovative spirits, obtained by mixing traditional botanicals with some distinctive excellences typical of the regional territory, which play an essential role on its high – quality handcrafted drinks. XEDEQUA would like to highlight particular protected species in order to increase a collective awareness aimed at safeguarding the biodiversity of the regional environment.
Xedequa produces and sells its own branded product called “Ginterior”, the Premium Old Tom Gin of the FVG Region, a niche spirit, handcrafted on batch and​ on call, mixing high quality botanicals with FVG Region unique and rare specialties as main pillars, in a unique Premium Old Tom Gin, which emphasizes FVG’s interiority by highlighting the quite unique quality, nature and purity of the FVG Region.
GINTERIOR is the vintage soul spirit which reflects the Victorian tradition: its delicacy gets a modern key review thanks to the skillful mixing of various natural botanicals with some excellences of our territory, such as:
– the Fiumicello City’s Peaches,
– “Crambe Tataria‘s” seeds as present in the Pordenone‘s Area dry grasslands «I Magredi»,
– Marasca’s Cherry Honey of the «Karst Area»,
– the Infusion of Dandelion, typical of the Carnic Valleys.
GINTERIOR is an all generis drink: a unique blend, dry and pervasive, as an harmonious perceptive symphony of elements never combined together before.